Dysport® / Botox®

Prevent and Reduce wrinkles and fine lines


Think you’re too young for neurotoxins? Think again…if you don’t make as many lines, you don’t get as many lines! Think of your skin like a piece of paper. If you fold the paper or crush it, you make lines and wrinkles. The more you wrinkle it or crush it (which is what you do to your skin when you smile, squint and scowl and other animations) the deeper and more prominent the wrinkles and crush get.. Dysport and Botox help reduce the wrinkling and crushing.

Until recently these lines have been very hard to treat effectively. Dysport and Botox can help minimize the motion that is creating these wrinkles, lines and folds while maintaining a natural, more rested and rejuvenated appearance.

Dysport and Botox can:

  • Reduce creases between the eyes
  • Create a brow lift
  • Diminish crow’s feet
  • Soften lip lines
  • Lift a turned-down smile
  • Elevate a turned-down nose tip
  • Show more teeth, less gums
  • Minimize a tight, pebbly chin
  • Slim the appearance of the face
  • Redefine the jaw
  • Smooth and lift the neck
  • Reduce vertical, horizontal and fan-shaped lines on the chest and cleavage
  • Relieve excessive underarm sweating known as Axillary Hyperhidrosis


botox-08 botox-03 botox-05Botox Decolletage (1) croppedBotox Cosmetic® Décolletage Rejuvenation


What’s the difference between Dysport and Botox?


Without going into a big scientific white paper explanation…it’s about the same as preferring Pepsi over Coke.

Dysport works similarly to BOTOX Cosmetic by temporarily relaxing overactive muscles that cause wrinkles.

The preparation of Dysport is a bit different and therefore requires 2-3 units more depending on the area. Typical feedback from patients is “I think it may have kicked in a bit faster”.


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